Of course you want to run into her room every five minutes just to check.

But between sprints, use the iCEBOX to keep an eye on her while you take care of business in the kitchen.

Baby’s room. Playroom. Poolside. With the iCEBOX, you really can have eyes on the back of your head!

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The innovative iCEBOX FlipScreen is an elegant all-in-one entertainment center for the kitchen, featuring:Television • Internet • DVD/CD • FM Radio • Home Video Monitoring • Touch Screen • Remote & Keyboard

Its sleek tasteful profile and choice of colors complements any contemporary kitchen. With a wipe-clean touch screen, washable/wireless keyboard and remote, and quick-change mode buttons, nothing compares with the iCEBOX for kitchen usability.

The iCEBOX is the first™ product available in the Beyond line of innovative networked devices that make life simple, efficient and fun.
iCEBOX. Because the kitchen is for living.