Beyond Bread Maker

Beyond™ Bread Maker
Now your favorite bread and cake recipes will come out perfectly every time. The Beyond™ Bread Maker takes the guesswork out of baking. Just scan the barcode on the box – this intelligent appliance does the rest. The Beyond™ Bread Maker stores hundreds of pre-programmed barcodes, and ensures they all turn out just right. Add the Home Hub and it automatically “learns” new barcodes from the online Beyond Information Network. Makes conventional bread makers seem, well, conventional!

• Scanning wand
• Hundreds of pre-programmed barcodes
• Learn functions allows users to program their own barcodes
• Easy to use point-and-click web interface
• Delay program set by time of day
• No installation or wiring required
• Automatically learns new recipes
• Contemporary stainless steel finish
• LCD with bright blue backlight
• 2.5 lb. capacity
• Time and day of week set automatically